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Easy Home Upgrades
January 30, 2021 @ 5:14 PM by: Angela Robinson


Whether your budget is big or small there are many easy home upgrades that will elevate your living space!

1. Update Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet handles and drawer pulls in the kitchen and bathroom are a great opportunity to spruce up your home's design! And best of all, this upgrade only takes a few minutes to complete.

2. Swap Your Switch Plates
Replacing your outlet covers with a modern color or design can freshen up any room. Plus, you can just store the old outlet covers until you move.

3. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures
A new showerhead and matching bathroom fixtures can instantly elevate you to a spa experience, right in your own home.

If these ideas have inspired you to consider home improvements but you’re worried about cost, the Refinance Plus Improvements Mortgage is a way to incorporate the cost of major renovations into your mortgage.

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